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20 Vegan Snack and Dip Recipes for Parties!

Whether you’re hosting a party, visiting a party, or just want to have a chill day with Netflix – you will need snacks! In this post, you’ll find 20 Vegan Snack & Dip Recipes everyone will love! 

20 Vegan Snack And Dip Recipes |

Does anyone else have that feeling that they are starving immediately when there aren’t any snacks around? Hahaha, well, okay I’ll admit it, I’m a huge snacker! I always need some kind of snacks at home, and I get quite anxious when I don’t. In this round-up, you’ll find my favorite healthy snacks and dips!

Most of the recipes, I already served at parties and were enjoyed by many, so I know they are crowd-pleasing like the pizza cracker, za’atar breadsticks, cheesy poppyseed cracker, baked samosas, spinach & sesame crackers, and whole wheat seed crackers, but also smoky & “meaty” tomato dip, guacamole, potato cheese spread, hummus, and the cilantro sunflower seed dip.

A note for all the cracker recipes: If you let them cool off completely and store them in an air-tight glass jar, they will stay crispy for a couple of days. If they survive that long ;)

Click on the photos, to get to the recipes.

Vegan Snack Recipes

Mini Calzones

Vegan Mini Calzones |

Vegan Poppy Seed Crackers

Vegan Poppy Seed Crackers served with Za'atar Hummus

Wild Garlic Pesto Snails

Wild Garlic Pesto Snails |

Spelt Chia Cracker

Vegan Spelt Chia Crackers dipped in Butternut Squash Dip

Za’atar Breadsticks

Vegan Za'atar Breadsticks served with vegan cheese sauce

Vegan Pizza Crackers

Vegan Pizza Crackers served with Za'atar Hummus

Baked Samosas filled with potatoes and spinach

Baked Samosas filled with spinach & potatoes |

Spinach & Sesame Crackers

Vegan Spinach Sesame Crackers served with Zaatar Hummus

Pumpkin Basil Pinwheels

vegan pumpkin basil pinwheels on a plate

Whole Wheat Seed Cracker

Whole Wheat Seed Crackers

Oven Baked Plantain Chips

Baked Plantain Chips

Gluten-Free Chickpea Cracker

Gluten-free Chickpea Crackers

Crispy Potato Twisters

Crispy Potato Twisters

Vegan Dip Recipes

Smoky & “Meaty” Tomato Dip

Vegan 'Meaty' Tomato Dip

Nooch Cheese Sauce

Vegan Nooch Cheese Sauce with tortilla chips



Kartoffelkäse – Potato Cheese Spread

Kartoffelkäse - Potato Cheese Spread

Hummus made with dried chickpeas

Hummus made from dried chickpeas

Butternut Squash Dip

Butternut Squash Dip

Cilantro Lemon Sunflower Seed Dip

Vegan Cilantro Lemon Sunflower Seed Dip

Don’t forget to bookmark or/and pin this page, so you’ll always have a list of vegan snack ideas handy when you need it!

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If you make some of the snacks above, I’d love to see them! Use the hashtag #elephantasticvegan and tag me @elephantasticvegan on instagram, so I don’t miss any! Thank you 

Let me know in the comments, are you a snack person? What are your favorite healthy & easy snacks?

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Sharon Manganello

Thursday 11th of May 2017

Looking forward to new recipes!!


Saturday 13th of May 2017

Thank you! I hope you give them a try :)

Nico / yumsome

Tuesday 22nd of November 2016

I'm one of those people who only eats meals (usually just dinner, actually) but that's basically because the only time there are vegan snacks in the house is when I make them! They're rarely available in shops here, and when they are, they're usually very expensive, and very sweet. I'm more of a savoury person. My beloved, on the other hand, is vegetarian, not vegan, and always has a mountain of snacks! He is a constant grazer - I honestly don't know where he puts it all, nor how he doesn't get fat!

I love the idea of your crackers, Bianca, they look so yummy, and will go really well with the dips I'm making later in the week!

Thaís Bissoli

Thursday 7th of July 2016

Hi Dear Friend,

I'm from Brazil, I am a new vegan, and I love so much your blog!

I have a gluten/soy allergy, please, I would like to know what kind of flour can replace purpose flour?

Thank you so much.

Best wishes!!!

XoXo Thaís Bissoli


Friday 8th of July 2016

Hi Thaís, thank you so much for your message! I’m glad you like the blog :)

Unfortunately there is no 100% perfect gluten-free substitution for all-purpose flour (or at least I haven’t found it yet). It depends on the recipes you want to make. A gluten-free flour I like is chickpea flour (which you can use when something gets battered (, for pakoras (, for gluten-free crackers ( or gluten-free & egg-free Omelets (

Otherwise there are gluten-free flour mixes in the stores that often advertise with that you can use it 100% instead of regular flour. That might work for some recipes - but I have not much experience with gluten-free cooking/baking.

Let me know if you have a specific recipe you want to make gluten-free and soy-free, maybe I can think of some substitutions.

Natalie | Feasting on Fruit

Sunday 12th of June 2016

No snacks in the house is a totally reasonable cause for alarm in my opinion! I cannot understand those people who just eat 3 meals and that's it. I especially love snacks like these that if you go a little overboard it's healthy enough to just count as a meal too :) Dipping is my favorite way to eat savory things, and your presentation is always so perfect too!


Tuesday 14th of June 2016

Hahaha, I can't understand those people either! I'm eating literally all.the.time :D Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Natalie! And I love your fruity snacks <3