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15+ Easy and Delicious Tofu Recipes

If you’re convinced that tofu is bland and just not for you, you haven’t had it properly prepared yet. Tofu is amazing because it’s a canvas ready to be painted on (with flavors)!

Vegan Tofu Recipes

I love tofu so much. And I want everyone to appreciate tofu as much as I do. So with this post, I’m sharing my favorite vegan recipes using TOFU.

You can use tofu in all kinds of dishes! For breakfast, tofu in combination with turmeric (for color) and kala namak (for an eggy taste) is the perfect alternative to scrambled eggs. Tofu can also be used as a protein-rich meat alternative in various lunch & dinner recipes such as vegan fish, goulash, curries, and many more. And lastly, you can use tofu (in this case silken tofu) to make a no-bake cheesecake. See, tofu is full of surprises!

I’ve grouped the recipes into the following categories:

Tofu for Breakfast

tofu scramble in a pan served with tortillas
Basic Tofu Scramble – the vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. Thanks to a special ingredient it smells and tastes super eggy! Prepare to have your mind blown ;) 
Mediterranean Tofu Scramble
Mediterranean Tofu Scramble – with sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, and taco fillings!
Tofu Scramble with Mushrooms and Bell Pepper in a pan
Tofu Scramble with mushrooms and bell pepper – Usually, I mix in whatever I have in the fridge. For this version, I’ve used mushrooms and bell pepper, which is such a good combination!
Vegan Breakfast Pizza with tofu scramble and seitan sausages
Vegan Breakfast Pizza – with tofu scramble and homemade seitan sausages! The recipe makes one large pizza for two. So is it pizza for breakfast or lunch/dinner-pizza topped with breakfast foods? You decide!
Mediterranean Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito |
Mediterranean Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito – filled with Mediterranean tofu scramble, avocado, salad, tomatoes, and bell pepper. It’s such a delicious and filling breakfast! 

Lunch & Dinner Recipes with Tofu

Tofish and Chips served with Tartar Sauce
Tofish and Chips – Make your own battered fish filets without fish! Thanks to tofu we can make a cruelty-free, plant-based alternative – perfect for vegan Tofish and Chips! Delicious with homemade Tartar Sauce!
Tofu Katsu - Breaded Tofu
Tofu Katsu is Japanese-style breaded tofu in panko flakes – it’s perfect to eat with rice, noodles, and veggies. This is a vegan version – you don’t need eggs to get the breading to stick!
Hoisin-Glazed Tofu Stir-Fry with White Rice
Hoisin Glazed Tofu Stir-Fry – This Hoisin Glazed Tofu Stir Fry is a quick and healthy plant-based meal. It’s great to take it to work or to school too! And the best part? You can use your favorite veggies!
Vegan Fried Rice with "Egg" Tofu Scramble
Vegan Fried Rice with ‘egg’ – Did you know you can make delicious Vegan Fried Rice with “egg” but without actually using any eggs? We’re using tofu as our egg scramble – it’s amazing! Thanks to a little secret ingredient it will taste just like regular eggs. You will love it! And it’s much healthier than traditional fried rice.
Tofu Schnitzel served with rice+peas and buttered parsley potatoes
Tofu Schnitzel – This vegan Schnitzel is made with perfectly breaded tofu slices. Tofu is an excellent source of plant-based protein, so it’s a great vegan alternative! You can serve the schnitzel with rice, potatoes, or fries.
Vegan Coconut Curry with Crispy Tofu
Coconut Curry with Crispy Tofu – This Vegan Coconut Curry with crispy tofu, sweet potato, and broccoli is quick and easy to make, filling, and the ideal weekday meal. It’s best served with basmati rice. 
Vegan Sushi Bowl with Tofu
Sushi Bowl – I love eating sushi but sometimes I just don’t have the patience or time of making it. So this vegan Sushi Bowl is a suitable alternative to satisfy my sushi cravings.
BBQ Couscous Bowl |
BBQ Couscous Bowl with Tofu – with curried couscous, broccoli, crispy tofu, and BBQ sauce. It’s the perfect protein-rich lunch.
Mushroom Spinach Tofu Wrap |
Mushroom Spinach Tofu Wrap – with cilantro hummus for creaminess. Perfect for a filling breakfast or light lunch! No eggs, no dairy, all vegan, and absolutely delicious! It’s the perfect take-to-work/school/university/whatever lunch as well! 
9 Green Vegan Treats for St. Patrick's Day |
Palak Tofu ‘Paneer’ – This recipe is a vegan version of the Indian spinach curry, Palak Paneer, that uses tofu instead of the typical Indian cheese paneer: Palak Tofu. It’s rich, creamy, and delicious!
Vegan Fish Burger – made with a tofu filet in homemade Pretzel Rolls. It’s so yummy! Completely plant-based and cruelty-free. Nothing tastes as good as a clear conscience feels.
Vegan Goulash with smoked tofu and potatoes |
Goulash with smoked tofu and potatoes – It’s the perfect fall/winter food – very comforting and delicious. It practically cooks itself!

Tofu in Desserts

No-Bake Lime Blueberry Cheesecake – I know there are tons of vegan cheesecakes recipes on the internet – many of them use soaked cashews. This recipe for my No-Bake Lime Blueberry Cheesecake does not use nuts in the filling – so you can easily make this cheesecake nut-free by subbing the almonds in the crust with oats or with crushed cookies like Oreos.

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And I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite tofu dishes! Let me know in the comments below. 

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