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[Product Review] Vivani Vegan Chocolates

Disclaimer: I was provided with the vegan chocolates by Vivani to review. All opinions are my own and I am being honest.

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

Like pretty much any girl (or human) I L.O.V.E. chocolate! It goes without saying that I was super excited when I heard that the lovely people from Vivani (EN/GER) would send me a few samples of their vegan chocolates.

Vegan Chocolates are not only great for vegans, but also for people with lactose intolerance, as they contain no dairy! Vivani has established itself as a premium chocolate brand – they don’t exclusively offer vegan chocolate, but they offer many vegan options (see the list below with the vegan assortment).

What I love about Vivani is that they pay special attention to provide the best quality of the ingredients. They use only organically grown and certified ingredients. Their chocolates are without emulsifiers (like soy lecithin). As a sugar, they use raw cane sugar in all their organic chocolates, which is pretty neat too.

European Vegan Assortment

  • Bars:
    • Fine Dark with 71% Cocoa
    • Fine Dark Orange
    • Dark Nougat
    • Rice Choc
    • Superior Dark Ecuador
    • Superior Dark with Chili
    • Superior Dark Cranberry
    • Smooth Dark with 85% Cocoa
    • Dark 75% Cacao
    • Dark Chocolate with 92% Cocoa
  • Cooking Chocolates:
    • Dark Cooking Chocolate
    • Rice Drink Cooking Chocolate
  •  Chocobars:
    • Black Cherry
    • Dark Nougat
    • Almond Orange
    • White Nougat Crisp

And additionally: Dark Chocolate Mini Bars, Fine Dark Naps, Hot Chocolate, and Cavi Quick (an instant chocolate powder).

USA Vegan Assortment

  • Bars:
    • Dark Chocolate – 71% Cocoa
    • Dark Chocolate – 85% Cocoa
    • Dark Chocolate with Orange
    • Dark Chocolate with Lemon
    • Dark Chocolate with Espresso
    • Dark Chocolate with Almonds
    • Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts

They even brought a new vegan chocolate range to the market – iChoc with 4 vegan chocolates (one of those is Choco Cookie with cookie bits – yumm!).

Vivani Vegan Chocolates can be bought in stores with organic products in Europe, bought online ( [check that you choose vegan ones that I’ve listed in this post!], or in their German webshop.

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

Loved those cute Chocobars! They are perfect to share with a loved one (or to devour alone).

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

Almond Orange

This chocolate bar with cocoa solids of 40% had tiny almond bits and orange pieces in it and tastes super tangy because of the orange essential oil!

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice drink powder 14%, chopped almonds 4 %, granulated orange 3%, hazelnut paste, orange essential oil, bourbon vanilla extract.

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

Black Cherry

This chocolate bar was a dark one with little bits of sour cherries. The sour cherry bits were rather crunchy and delicious with the dark base of the chocolate. I loved the simplicity of this chocolate – only 4 ingredients!

Ingredients: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, pieces of sour cherry 3,5%

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

White Nougat Crisp

This one has been my favorite of the chocolate bars! Although I generally prefer dark chocolates, I really liked this one. I wouldn’t say it tastes like white chocolate, but rather like Nougat. It’s not as white as I had expected – but it was my favorite nevertheless. It also contained small crunchy bits of hazelnuts. It tasted decadent & rich and rather sweet.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, hazelnut paste 23 %, cocoa butter, rice drink powder 11,5 %, hazelnut brittle 8% (raw cane sugar, hazelnuts, corn glucose syrup, caramel syrup), bourbon vanilla extract

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

Dark Nougat

This one was rather similar to the one before but darker. It had crunchy hazelnut bits as well and was lovely!

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, hazelnut paste 22 %, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, hazelnut brittle 8% (raw cane sugar, hazelnuts, corn glucose syrup, caramel syrup), bourbon vanilla extract

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

As a lover of dark chocolates, the Smooth Dark with 85% on the left side was my favorite of these standard sized chocolate bars.

Before reviewing the Vivani vegan chocolates I wouldn’t have bought any nougat chocolates – I always thought I wouldn’t like them – but after trying this Dark Nougat Bar (and the White Nougat Bar) I’m starting to like it. A lot!

The Rice Choc with 40% Cacao contains 15% rice drink powder that gives it a soft & nice touch and tastes rather similar to traditional milk chocolates.

Vivani Vegan Chocolate

Vivani also offers two vegan cooking chocolates: Organic Dark Cooking Chocolate with 70% Cacao and Organic Rice Drink Cooking Chocolate with 40% Cacao. Cooking Chocolates are used for chocolate coatings, cakes, cookies, or truffles. Cooking chocolates usually contain more cocoa butter that makes melting them easier.

With the Dark Cooking Chocolate (70% cacao) I’ve made this crazy delicious Chocolate Lovers Cake. I’ve used the Cooking Chocolate to create a hard shell on the banana ice cream. My boyfriend and I just couldn’t stop eating – it was amazingly delicious. You have to try it for yourself!

Chocolate Lovers Cake

Have you seen Vivani Chocolates in stores? Did you try them? 

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