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Post Vacay-Juice Cleanse with Urban Monkey

Sometimes a little detox doesn’t hurt – especially after eating lots of – not necessarily healthy – foods. I just came home from our trip in Barcelona – so it was the perfect time to try Urban Monkey’s juice cleanse.

This post is in cooperation with Lieferei. Lieferei is an online shop from Austria offering a fine selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as snacks. They often have drinks and snacks that aren’t available in regular supermarkets, so it’s a great source of trendy new products to try!

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |

Okay, I’ll gladly admit it, I am a foodie tourist. Pretty much all I do on vacations is trying out all the vegan options a city has to offer, which – of course – I only do as a selfless action for my readers :P.

Eating all the food means that after every vacation, I feel like I don’t need or better should not eat for a week. So when Lieferei asked me to try out Urban Monkey’s 3-day detox box, it was the perfect timing. Yes, please!

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |

In the 3-day detox box, there are 18 juices – 6 for each day, so that means there’s one juice for every 2-3 hours. There are 5 different kinds – Iron Man, Beet it, Mango Ninja, Pine Fiction and Six & The City.

The verdict

All of the juices are absolutely delicious in taste, but if I’d have to pick a favorite, it would be the Pine Fiction one consisting of apple, pear, pineapple, lime, turmeric, and cayenne. I just love anything with pineapples! It’s perfect for the summer and it’s also a great post-vacay drink to keep your relaxed and sunny mojo going.

What I love about the juices:

  • There’s a recommended order in which the juices can be consumed. That means no preparing, not even thinking, just open the bottle and drink.
  • They are cold pressed, raw and never heated. Plus, there are no chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, additional sugars, taste enhancers – nothing – just pure fruits and veggies that recharge your batteries.
  • They are super colorful – I had to smile every time I opened the fridge.
  • And of course, they are all vegan.

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |

The juice cleanse was actually not as hard to complete as I thought it would be. Once you get used to not cooking, which is quite the contrary of everything I usually do, you eventually appreciate the simplicity of this 3-day detox.

Because all of the juices are already prepared and ready to go, I had so much free time, which I spent the most part gardening or doing some background blog work. Oh, and of course, planning the next recipes because I came home with lots of recipe ideas from Barcelona. I was still thinking about food all the time. I can’t change who I am :D.

I actually didn’t plan too much for the days of the juice cleanse since I was unsure if I was maybe energy drained. To my surprise, this wasn’t the case at all. I still enjoyed taking things a bit slow these days and combined the juice cleanse with an emotional cleanse and got rid of old, unused clothes. A cleanse on multiple levels was just what I needed.

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |


What I’ve learned: A juice cleanse doesn’t have to be sad. You can easily take your juice cleanse to the next level by pouring the juice of your choice in a pretty glass, adding lots of ice and garnishing it with mint. Why not make yourself feel good in a pretty and classy way? You deserve it!

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |

Urban Monkey Juice Cleanse |

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Friday 27th of October 2017

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