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[Veginners] Gift Ideas for Vegans!

The holidays are fast approaching! If you’re looking for a gift for a vegan friend/family member/relative/co-worker/love interest/… I want to give you a couple of gift ideas!

gift ideas for vegans

From kitchen tools to snack boxes, homemade gifts, and cookbooks… there are plenty of great products that are perfect for vegan food lovers.

But first, a quick crash course on what not to buy:

  • foods that contain meat, fish, dairy, cheese, honey
  • drinks that contain honey, dairy or are filtrated with gelatine or isinglass (often used in wine production)
  • clothes that contain leather, wool, silk, feathers
  • skin care or cosmetics that are tested on animals

And now on to the vegan gift guide!

Vegan Cookbooks

Cookbooks are probably the #1 gift idea! I actually published two cookbooks, and I’m also including a couple of other cookbooks below.

everyday vegan cover
This one is perfect for new vegans!
Cravings Made Vegan
This one is the ideal cookbook for people who miss dairy, fish, meat, cheese, etc.

Chili Sauce Gift Pack

Chili Sauce Variety Pack

This is for this one person in your life, who always has to add chili to anything, only to find out that the chili sauce is actually spicier than they anticipated and end up with coughing fits and a runny nose.

Coconut Opening Kit

Coconut Thai Opener Tool

Opening young Thai coconuts can be really dangerous, but this tool makes it easy, fun, and safe!

Cocktail Syrup Variety Pack

Cocktail Syrup Variety Pack

Perfect for people who like mixing their own cocktails and hosting parties!

Zero Waste Starter Kit

Zero waste bags

Everything you need for a more sustainable and conscious life! I love the bags for the farmers market!

Indoor Herb Planter

indoor herb planter

With this Indoor Herb Planter, you can have fresh herbs all year long. I love mine so much! I also got my sister one and she loves it too!

Bath Bombs

lush bath bombs
image by lush

I LOVE bath bombs! Nothing helps me relax like a bubbly bath and some nice music. Lush has lots of vegan bath bombs, and pretty much anything else you could put on your body (masks, conditioners, shampoo bars, make-up). They also have gift sets for all kinds of festivities.

Monthly Vegan Snack Boxes

image by vegancuts

What’s better than getting a present? Getting a present every month, of course! No wonder, vegan snack boxes are all the hype now. Every time a vegan snack box arrives at the door, it feels like Christmas, Easter, and birthday all together. There are a few different kinds all over the world but Vegan Cuts for the US is great and a popular one!

Vegan-Themed Mugs

Go Vegan Mug |

Besides vegan clothes, tote bags, hoodies, and phone cases you’ll also find mugs in my store!

Homemade Christmas Liquor

Homemade Christmas Liquor |

Why not make something yourself like this awesome Vegan Christmas Liquor? It’s super easy to make and so delicious. With cinnamon, cloves, oranges, and apples … it sure smells like Christmas already!

I hope this list contains a few good ideas that you can put to good use! If you have any other products that you know vegans will love, please share them with me in the comments below!

If you’re looking for even more gift ideas, also have a look at my Pinterest board presents for vegans. I pin there interesting vegan products all year round, so I don’t forget about them when the holidays approach.

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Strength and Sunshine

Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Well now I want a rice cube really bad!


Friday 4th of December 2015

Yes, such a neat tool! :D I always get annoyed when making regular sushi, but not with the rice cube thingy :D