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The Veginner’s Cookbook / Everyday Vegan

Update: My publisher republished the cookbook with a new cover and title.

everyday vegan cover
The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Vegan Cooking: The Ultimate Starter Handbook for New Vegans

Everything stays the same, the text and the recipes. The only thing that has changed is the title and cover. Therefore all of the info below applies to The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Vegan Cooking as well. Update over

My very first cookbook – The Veginner’s Cookbook is out now! How crazy! But it’s so much more than a cookbook. It’s the ultimate guide for new vegans and the veg-curious.

Whether you’re trying to make the switch, a struggling vegan or just looking for a way to include more plant-based recipes in your diet – We’ve got you covered! 

You can pick up your print copy of ‘The Veginner’s Cookbook’ at Barnes & Noble or order it online on Amazon or IndieBound.

The Veginner's Cookbook Cover - The Ultimate Starter Guide for New Vegans and the Veg-Curious!

How to order your copy today

The Veginner’s Cookbook was released on 16 January 2018. You can order the cookbook on

So what’s in the book?

The Veginner’s Cookbook is so much more than just a cookbook. It’s the perfect guide for new vegans and the veg-curious, including a variety of kitchen hacks and articles that will help you make the switch!  

Our book includes:

  • 75+ veginner-friendly and well-tested recipes (80% are exclusive, never-seen-before recipes) from all categories, such as basics, breakfast foods, soups, main meals, breads, snacks and party foods, sauces and dressings and of course: desserts.
  • Bianca’s Kitchen Hacks helps you find out some tricks and shortcuts for the vegan cook. Cooking is not your strong suit? That’s okay, articles such as ‘How to spot the perfectly ripe avocado’ and ‘How not to explode soup all over your kitchen when mixing hot liquids in a blender’ are here to help!
  • Sascha’s Landmine Situations are little guides to help you through your first steps of veganism. Snarky comments by coworkers? Look up ‘at the workplace’. Nagging parents? Check out ‘when visiting relatives’. Broke? ‘How to be vegan on a budget’ has got you covered!
  • A list of essential pantry, freezer and fridge staples for new vegans
  • Helpful articles for Veginners, such as ‘How to avoid disputing your dietary preferences’ or ‘Substitutes that will make you forget about non-vegan food’.

Vegans are often bombarded with the same questions and arguments over and over again:

  • Are you really a vegan if you buy vegan cheese and meat alternatives?
  • We are carnivores, we’re at the top of the food chain. We need protein to survive. It’s only natural!
  • You can’t change the world all by yourself, can you?
  • I get that you avoid meat, but milk and eggs?
  • I could never go through with this.

But how do you respond to that? We’ve covered all of these points in the How to answer to skeptics chapter.

Here’s a sneak peek of the recipes

Pizza, Naan, Rolls, Bread Loaf and Garlic Herb Breadsticks made with the Multi-Purpose Bread
Multi-Purpose Bread, p. 110
African-Inspired Peanut Butter Stew with roasted peanuts and white rice
African-Inspired Peanut Butter Stew, p. 66
Blender Brownies with Avocado Frosting and cocoa nibs
Blender Brownies with Avocado Frosting, p. 174
Stovetop Avocado Pizza with tomatoes
Stovetop Avocado Pizza, p. 93
Tomato Coconut Chickpea Curry with white rice and cilantro naan
Tomato Coconut Chickpea Curry with Cilantro Flatbread, p. 73

A look into ‘The Veginner’s Cookbook’

The Veginner's Cookbook - Cover
The Veginner’s Cookbook
The Veginner's Cookbook - Snacks & Party Food Chapter
The Snacks & Party Food Chapter
The Veginner's Cookbook - Soothing Mushroom Ramen Soup with Crispy Tofu
Soothing Mushroom Ramen Soup with Crispy Tofu
The Veginner's Cookbook - Berry Swirl Pops
Berry Swirl Pops
The Veginner's Cookbook - SLT Sandwich
SLT Sandwich (Seitan, Lettuce Tomato)

What do others say about the book?

“These very impressive and most importantly, easy vegan recipes by Bianca and Sascha will have you returning to this book over and over again. Say yes to chocolate-covered almond cake, African peanut stew, three-ingredient caramel sauce, and so much more!” ―Chloe Coscarelli, bestselling author of Chloe’s Kitchen and first vegan winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

The Veginner’s Cookbook is truly the perfect book for new vegans or those thinking of transitioning. Bianca and Sascha have created a wonderful resource of tips and guidance on being a new or transitioning vegan, as well as delicious and incredibly easy recipes. They have made it so simple and not at all intimidating. Veganism has never been easier with their book!” ―Brandi Doming, creator of

I hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did writing it! The cookbook would have never been possible without my blog readers. So, thank you!<3

Don’t forget to leave a review on amazon. It would mean the world to me.


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Carla Dray

Sunday 25th of March 2018

I am a fairly new vegan & am finding it difficult to vary my diet. I am looking forward to trying a variety of your recipes.

Deanne O'Donnell

Monday 29th of January 2018

I am very interested in the flat breads , I cant' wait to try them.

Deanne O'Donnell

Monday 29th of January 2018



Sunday 28th of January 2018

I can't wait it to try out some of the dessert recipes!!


Sunday 28th of January 2018

I'm looking forward to the desserts section for sure!

DawnM : )

Saturday 27th of January 2018

Thank you for giving us a chance to win one of your books!!!

My daughter and I are ..almost...vegan . The bread in the photos look wonderful!

BUT, I'm REALLY looking forward to reading is the 'how to deal' with section... I have actually been told 'vegetarianism is hard enough, veganism is unsustainable', Thanks, again! DawnM : )