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About Veginners

Oh hello there,

we are Bianca and Sascha, the two people behind the Veginners project. We both live in Linz in Austria and we try our best to live a happy life.

Bianca is the food blogger behind Elephantastic Vegan, through which she shares her favorite plant-based recipes. The blog focuses on recipes, product reviews, and vegan traveling experiences, however, the educational aspect about veganism falls a bit short. This is why she co-created Veginners.

Sascha is the other guy. He is a late eighties child, a university student, pixel artist (under the name of Pixeltier) and a lover of food that cooks itself. He hates baking (but loves baked goods!) and everything that needs to be done step-by-step using a strict recipe.

We know it’s not always easy

We know that changing your lifestyle is not always that easy. While we really want to stand behind our ethical decisions, sometimes life gets in our way. Maybe the city where you live doesn’t offer enough options for you, maybe you find it hard to know what you are “allowed to” eat or not. Sometimes the people around you have difficulties with your transformation as well. Maybe you don’t know anything about cooking.

We decided to come up with this project in order to help people trying to adapt to a new life. While we mainly promote veganism, we try to dip into the most important topics of people who have dietary preferences in general. To help spread the word about veganism and to offer some help in becoming and staying vegan, the Veginners project was launched.

It doesn’t happen overnight

experienceWe like to think that a change of lifestyle is something that happens gradually. This is an underlying paradigm for everything that we write. We are aware that it’s sometimes not easy to just become and stay vegan because choosing a dietary preference requires information, motivation, and understanding from those around you. Don’t treat it as a streak, treat it as a transformation on your way to a better you.

We are not here to point fingers

Of course, it’s important to educate people about why we choose to promote veganism, but we don’t make it our point to tell people what they are doing wrong. Instead, we try to focus on what can be done what we subjectively consider right. We like to think that every vegan meal that is cooked instead of a non-vegan meal helps.