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Conversion of Ingredients (cup – grams)

I usually provide both the US standard measurements and the metric measurements in my recipes, but in case you want to look up some conversions or if I’ve forgotten them in some recipes, you’ll find a conversion table for some of the ingredients I often use in my recipes here.

In the first line, you see the volume in cups, and in the table itself, you can see the conversion to grams.

Ingredient1 cup3/4 cup2/3 cup1/2 cup1/3 cup1/4 cup
Water / Milk2401801601208060
Maple Syrup32024021316010780
Tomato Puree2501881671258363
Coconut Milk2501881671258363
Soy Yogurt2501881671258363
Wheat Flour1209080604030
White Sugar2001501331006750
Ground Almonds1209080604030
Elbow Pasta, uncooked1007567503325
Raw Cashews1309887654333
Nutritional Yeast604540302015
Raw Almonds150113100755038
Frozen Strawberries1309887654333
Rolled Oats1007567503325
Raw Walnuts1007567503325
Chopped Chocolate150113100755038
Chia Seeds150113100755038
Bread Cubes30232015108
Sunflower Seeds14010593704735
Cooked Rice170128113855743
Basil / Herbs / Arugula2519171386
Frozen Raspberries1007567503325
Frozen Spinach1007567503325
Peanut Butter2501881671258363
Kidney Beans, canned150113100755038
Corn, canned175131117885844
Chickpeas, canned170128113855743
Cucumber, diced150113100755038
Peas, frozen150113100755038
Panko flakes604540302015
Mushrooms, sliced1209080604030
Pumpkin Puree2251691501137556
Popcorn Kernels2401801601208060
Cocoa Powder1007567503325
Confectioners Sugar1309887654333
Raw Peanuts150113100755038
Fresh Blueberries1007567503325

Let me know if you have some ingredients you want to see added to the list! I’ll try to measure them and add them to make this list more complete.